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Words To Know For The Year!

The children will all be given 5 word lists and sight word sentences. They should practice some every night, about 10 minutes.

 This Months Themes

Getting to Know You

All about Me

Manners and Safety

What is non fiction

 Remember Important School Days in September:

Open House September 20th

From 5 -7pm 

Important things to remember:

  Please always remember to sign and return all forms sent home the next day!

Homework folders.. .PLEASE, clean out your child's folder every night! Look at the work and see if your child needs to correct anything or review.

If you ever need to reach me the best way is through 'Remind' or email:  bguiragossian@cps.edu

All About Us!

Fall ~ 2017


Welcome to our class webpage. I am so excited to be teaching your child. I expect that we will have a great year and a warmth that fills our hearts for each other! My hope is that every child will be gaining wisdom to be the foundation "of bricks" to have success, not just this year, but throughout their life.


 *        *        *        *        * 

 We will be working hard and learning many new things in order to become great students and citizens of Goudy Technology Academy!

*        *        *        *        *

The MAIN skills each child will learn this year to be adequately prepared for 1st grade is:

  • All letters of the alphabet, beginning, middle and end letter sounds. This knowledge will increase your child's ability to read and write. 
  • They should all be able to read and write most of the sight and word wall words that we will study throughout the year! Using these words and skills to read real books at their reading level and write simple sentences. 
  • Count and identify numbers up to 100, as well as able to use those number to compare more or less and if given number line, identify which number is missing. 
  • Knowledge of numbers should also increase math skills in other area's such as addition, subtraction, graphing, money, time and algebraic thinking. 
  • Using School purchased software to complete homework and extra assignments to improve their academic skills.

 *     *     *     *     *

Remember the most important letter, LLook, Listen and Learn. 

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