Remember, parents are the most important people in their children lives.

Many have asked..... What can I do? 

 At Home:

     *Please READ to or with your child every night. Ask questions as you read.

     *Practice the sounds that they hear at the beginning, middle and end of words or things. Even on a walk home ask what does house, car, bus, train  (anything else you see) start with, end with or hear in the middle.

     *Count things in your home.

     *Randomly ask math questions.

     *Talk about money and what are different coins worth.     

At School:

     *Please volunteer! We can always use parents help, especially reading with a student, practicing math and at the end of the day when we are ready to go home.

     *When there is a special event, please come.

     *At the beginning of everyday, remind your children to follow Mrs. Guiragossian's 3 L's. Which are to Look, Listen and Learn and also to be respectful at all times.



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