Language Arts 

We use a balanced literary approach to teach literacy daily in class. Our units follow the Common Core State Standards.


Reading - All children are participating in guided reading groups and rotate throughout learning centers. These centers encourage independent learning. Word wall words also need to be mastered. These words are sent home on flash cards on a weekly basis. Please practice with your son and/or daughter.  

"Fun"dations - A wonderful new Phonics/Reading program that focus' on letter sounds and forming words by tapping out the sounds.


Message Time - A program that encourages reading and writing together. I model writing and the children help with writing traits that they have begun to master. Through Message Time the children also share what literacy skills they now have.  


Writers Workshop - Yes.. even at five and six years old, our children write every day. Each day we write, pulling out a detail from our theme of the week. After each assignment is completed, I conference with your child. At the end of the week we let some of the children share their writing. 

GO Math


Go Math is our math curriculum. This program begins with basic skills that are mastered throughout the year. Once those skills are mastered the children carry those skills into algebraic thinking and problem solving.  


Every day during our morning meeting, we practice our number sense skills.


By the end of the year, these skills below should be mastered:

We should be able to= 

 >count to 100, if not higher.

        >know the number that comes before or after.

        >identify numbers up to 100.

        >know which number is more or less. 

Example: 7  or   9    ,   19    or    11

        >be able to state a number missing in a group of 3 numbers

example: 3, ____, 5

        >be able to do simple addition and subtraction.

        >use our numbers to read graphs, tell time, count money, read and solve word problems.




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